“This is the Module that ties everything together!”

Bio-Dynamics brings Eastern Philosophy and Western manual practice together for energetic application within the BodyTalk system. These tools allow the practitioner and client to see the intricate connection between symptoms and gain a better understanding of the source of stress and disease in the body.


Learn to identify the patterns of restriction, symptom and disease through the study of the Five Elements as per Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Examine the role of Wei Qi and practical ways of balancing its functions.

Learn the importance of the diaphragm in the processing and distribution of pathological emotions and thoughts, and a specific technique to release the diaphragm and improve its function.

Explore the energetic dynamics of emotions within the bodymind complex and new techniques to harmonize the emotions.

Learn the invaluable Body Vivaxis technique to re-orient organs, endocrines, and body parts to the whole bodymind complex.

Study the emotional and psychological relationships of all the major muscles and joints of the body.

Learn an incredibly effective series of rehabilitation and musculoskeletal techniques to address acute and chronic sports injuries, manage chronic arthritis, manage chronic pain, balance the spine, release adhesions, and improve range of motion.

Explore the use of agenda sessions and time-release sessions for sports performance, surgery, exams, presentations, travel, or any important event.


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