Quantum physics tells us that when two particles of energy come from the same source, or enter into a relationship, they will continue to possess the ability to communicate and respond to one another instantaneously across time and space without any form of intermediary. Have you ever experienced the phenomenon of just knowing who is calling before answering the phone? Have you ever thought of someone out of the blue only to be contacted by them later that same day? Have you ever experienced the pain of a loved one? These are everyday examples of this mind-boggling phenomenon, known as quantum entanglement.

Just as a computer technician can access the internal files and programs of your computer remotely to obtain diagnostic information, perform software updates or even initiate repairs, quantum practitioners are trained to tune into your unique energetic signature and offer support through observation, communication, evaluation, and energetic techniques.


Just like an in-office session, consultation and treatment is conducted over Skype or Zoom, telephone, or email/recording, depending on time zone and personal preference.

Clinical observation shows that distance sessions are not only as effective as in-office treatment but appear even more effective in many cases. We are constantly being influenced by our personal environment. In fact, it is said that our outer environment is merely a reflection of our inner environment. Conducting the session while the client is still surrounded by their personal “triggers” seems to highlight the daily stressors that may be having an impact on the health and wellness of the client.

The non-invasive nature and proven effectiveness of providing healthcare support remotely has never been more valuable than it has become in these times of isolation. Discover the new paradigm of energy healing. Book a session today!

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