Imagine if your body could design its own system of health care, one that would understand the story behind the symptoms and help to address the cause, as opposed to the effect. Imagine what it would be like to affect long term patterns of pain, disease, stress in an instant, while opening the door to a whole new possibility of health and wellness. How happy would your body/mind be if it could receive the support it needed to get on track to restore health and balance in an entirely non-invasive, empowering, and incredibly effective way?

No need to imagine — this incredible system already exists!


Whether you are already a practicing medical professional, or a student of life ready to embark on a new career, BodyTalk Fundamentals will introduce you to the foundations of the BodyTalk System and will open the door to a whole new way of looking at health and healing.

BodyTalk Fundamentals is an intensive four-day course designed to launch your journey of self discovery. The BodyTalk System is a supportive form of healthcare that recognizes the body’s ability to heal itself. A lifetime of accumulated trauma, injuries, and experiences, combined with daily stresses, emotions, beliefs and environmental triggers, can influence the expression of health. BodyTalk helps to remove these barriers, restore communication, and bring synchronicity to the body/mind through the utilization of some simple but profoundly effective tools.

You will be taught how to establish a dialogue with the body using an easy-to-learn method of neuromuscular biofeedback. This allows the practitioner to stay out of the way and enables the body to lead the session by identifying the unique priorities and sequence to be balanced.

BodyTalk Fundamentals will introduce you to the BodyTalk Protocol and Procedures Charts, which incorporate:

  • Western anatomy and physiology
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts
  • Energies (chakras, acupuncture meridians)
  • Environment (money, work, relationships, time, activities etc.)
  • Body chemistry (microbes, toxins, allergies, intolerances)
  • Active memory (beliefs, events, fears/phobias)
  • Cellular repair (genetic patterning)
  • Balancing procedures for the lymphatic, circulatory, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems

Not only will you be able to quickly identify the area to be balanced, but you will also learn how to reveal the story behind the dysfunctional pattern. You will learn how your own stored emotion, as well as the emotions of others, can affect your physiology. You will discover how your beliefs, fears and phobias – or memories of specific events – can keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns.

As a professional in an existing healthcare practice, The BodyTalk System will provide you with the tools to determine why certain symptoms or patterns continue to persist. If you have ever been overwhelmed by where to start treatment or what approach to use, the BodyTalk System will help you truly personalize sessions by teaching you to identify what to balance and how for each individual client.

If you are interested in embarking on a new career in health care, the BodyTalk System offers you the opportunity to establish an incredibly rewarding practice. The certification process begins with the BodyTalk Fundamentals course, followed by a step-by-step process of study, practice sessions, and practical and written exams. The requirements can be completed in a timeline that suits your schedule and lifestyle. making this an accessible, affordable, and practical way to launch an income-generating practice.

Aside from career options, BodyTalk Fundamentals offers invaluable insights and new perspectives into your personal health, wellness, relationships, and potential. You will leave this course with a whole new appreciation of your body/mind and what it is capable of. Your new expansive outlook will have you looking at life differently and will give you the tools to help yourself, family, and friends overcome obstacles to health and healing while allowing you to become the best version of you!


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