The root of the word health is “wholeness” the definition of which is the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity. A journey toward health is a journey toward unity between mind, body, and spirit. The subconscious mind is our internal auto-pilot of health and healing. It is also the storehouse of every situation, memory, emotion, and state of health that you have experienced in your life.

The subconscious mind is working 24/7 to achieve whatever goal that you present to it but does not discern between goals creating health or goals creating stress and dis-ease. What is your goal in health? In life? Are you focused on what’s not working? On obstacles and symptoms? Or, are you focused on optimal health and what that would look like for you? The tools that serve us so effectively in quantum medicine can also serve us in our everyday life by helping us to imagine and achieve our greatest potential.


Mapping Your Potential: This workshop teaches you tools to support right/left brain cohesion and to mine the subconscious for long lost ideas, goals and dreams. These tools support the natural flow of thought in the brain to reconnect you with opportunity while overriding the mental obstacles that often get in our way. Map out the optimal outcome to any experience or goal with an easy, creative, and very effective method of tuning into your true nature.

Inspiration, Visualization, Manifestation: The Art of Transformation: Research provides evidence that visualizing an experience produces the same neurological response as actually experiencing it. This is valuable information when it comes to creating the health, wealth, opportunity, and life that you yearn for. This workshop teaches you how to utilize visualization in effective ways to support ongoing personal and professional transformation.

Breaking Up With Your Beliefs: Your cells are eavesdropping on your thoughts! Did you know that the thoughts that you have are driven by your personal book of beliefs, most of which you have formed by the age of 3? Our beliefs about ourselves, our health, and our life determine our experience and are the culprits behind the stress that we experience in life. Chinese medicine defines health as the ability to adapt to challenge. Adaptability begins in the mind. This workshop gives you simple tools to identify limiting beliefs, open your mind to new and different perspectives, and encourage the incredible power of beliefs that support health and potential.

The Power of the Question: Einstein said “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.” He is also quoted as saying “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence.”
Until you ask a question, your brain will continue to create the same reality. If you want to create a new reality, question the thoughts, beliefs and habits that created it. Questions have the power to engage us and to shift our mindsets. They drive knowledge and growth, and fuel both creativity and critical thinking. This workshop teaches students the power of the questions that they ask and don’t ask. These tools will help to engage the problem solving aspects of the mind in a way that supports all elements of health and transformation.

Meditation for the Monkey Mind: Research continues to identify the healing benefits of daily meditation. From decreased stress levels and symptoms of dis-ease to increased creativity, insight, intuition, and health, meditation has proven an incredibly effective tool when it comes to personal and professional transformation. However, a meditation practice often seems intimidating and difficult to many. This workshop shows you how simple it is to incorporate meditation in daily life. Meditation comes in many forms that can be easily incorporated in your day without complication. Tune into your potential with these simple methods that promote stillness, calm, creativity, and the “A ha” moments that change your mind, your health, and your life.

Each 3 hour workshop: $75 USD
*Canadian residents subject to local Canadian tax
All 5 workshops in a weekend retreat: prices vary based on format and location


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