Learning through practical application, Session Intensive provides participants with an opportunity to observe and discuss several BodyTalk sessions facilitated by Senior BodyTalk Instructors in a group setting. Participants will learn strategies for improving standards of practice and will observe advanced BodyTalk sessions to deepen their insight into the potential of BodyTalk.

In this practical experience, students can register in order to attend and receive a personal one-on-one session from a Senior BodyTalk Instructor. Typically, the first 15 students to register will receive a session. Once this number has been reached additional students can register and attend to observe the course at a reduced rate, but will not receive personal one-on-one training due to time restrictions.

This interactive class allows BodyTalk students with any level of experience to learn directly from a Senior BodyTalk Instructor. BodyTalk sessions will be performed in front of the class and the techniques and concepts used in each session will be explained. Students are welcome to discuss and ask questions about the work being presented after each session is performed.

The Senior BodyTalk Instructor demonstrates some of the most advanced techniques used in The BodyTalk SystemTM. By observing the BodyTalk sessions, students gain a deeper understanding of The BodyTalk SystemTM and where their studies will lead them as practitioners.


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