In 2008, I received invaluable advice that led me to pursue a career in healing, specifically through BodyTalk. The guidance I received perfectly aligned with my aspirations for not only my life but also that of my family. It allowed me to be present for my two very young sons, witnessing their growth, attending their soccer matches, and being there to support them with their homework. This was a stark contrast to the previous scenario where they spent long hours in aftercare while I toiled away in the corporate world from 6 am to 6 pm.

My journey began with my first BodyTalk Fundamentals course in September 2009, followed by a second round just a month later. I continued to expand my knowledge by completing the BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration course, all while undergoing an intensive Student Development program. Remarkably, I finished 50 sessions in just three weeks and successfully passed my exams on December 14th of that year. Balancing evening and weekend work, I rapidly built a client base, which allowed me to leave my corporate job in a mere four months, as my earnings as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner matched my corporate salary.

A significant part of my success can be attributed to my association with an exceptional group of South African BodyTalk practitioners. We tirelessly promoted the BodyTalk modality in South Africa by participating in wellness days, expos, fetes, shopping centers, and any event that welcomed our plinths for demonstrations. To this day, we are consistently invited back, and we even receive compensation for our presence.

I eagerly pursued advanced BodyTalk courses, hungry for the wealth of knowledge within each module. A year later, I began coordinating for BodyTalk Instructors, a role I still hold to this day, affording me the pleasure of working with some of the best instructors in the field. I continued my journey to become an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, and later, I achieved the PaRama certification.

From the outset, my dream was to establish a Wellness Centre with like-minded individuals, and that dream became a reality when two fellow BodyTalk Practitioners and I opened “Your Space for Wellness.” This center features ten therapy rooms and two studios where we conduct numerous BodyTalk courses and other modalities. I have been incredibly fortunate to have a thriving practice from the very beginning, and I’ve consistently maintained this success throughout my career. My commitment to my business has significantly improved the quality of life for my family and me.

If I were to pinpoint my special focus, it would be helping others discover their potential and purpose, a gift I received in 2008. Moreover, I’m deeply passionate about assisting individuals in realizing their potential in areas such as health, career, relationships, and overall well-being. This journey has been incredibly rewarding, both personally and financially. As I continue to be amazed by the effectiveness of BodyTalk, I eagerly anticipate the path my future will take me on.